L’ultima città


A black and white portrait of the largest and most populated city in the world, a city that survived a terrible earthquake in 1985, where 20 million people live and problems connected to development and underdevelopment, traditions and modernity are constantly interwoven: Mexico City. Pablo Monasterio shows it in all its authenticity, with the eyes of a severe lover, that investigate without ever jabbing at it. The photographer takes us by hand and leads in a world that maybe is only apparently so different from ours. This publication ends the trilogy of the book series I Quaderni CMC focused on the theme of “the city”, analyzed through the work that three photographers carried out in three different continents.

Title: L’ultima città
Author: Pablo Ortiz Monasterio
Editor: Enrica Viganò
Publisher: Admira Edizioni
Year: 2009
Number of pages: 108 pages
Number of photographs: 50 duotone photographs
Languages: Italian
Cover: Hardcover
Size: 19,5x22,5 cm
Price: € 28
ISBN: 888916305-4