The New Image in Italy, 1932 - 1960


This extraordinary book explores Italian Neorealism through photography which, with its authors, has influenced the contemporary world, has documented the economic and social conditions of Italy in the mid-twentieth century and its birth as a democratic nation. Originally used for fascist propaganda, photography in Italy has become a tool for artists to reveal the condition of their country and a way to stimulate social and artistic development. The results are celebrated in this book with over 200 images, including authorial photographs, shots from magazines and movie posters. The volume has a preface of the well known director Martin Scorsese, a great admirer of Neorealist photography. Accompanying essays published in the book help to think about the technological changes that have transformed the country, trace the evolution of Neorealist cinema and explore how writers have become part of this “revolution”. Essential and true, the images published and the authors who created them have inaugurated a unique moment in the history of modern art. The publication NeoRealism. The new image in Italy 1932-1960 is in English and follows the three previous editions, respectively in Italian (Admira Edizioni, 2006), Spanish (La Fábrica Editorial, 2007) and German (Christoph Merian Verlag / Fotomuseum Winterthur, 2007). In the number 22 of the London Review of Books (November 21st 2019), the book NeoRealismo. The new image in Italy has been reviewed by the film critic and journalist, J. Hoberman (see the article at []

Title:| NeoRealismo. The new image in Italy 1932-1960 Author:| Martin Scorsese Text by:| Fabio Amodeo, Gian Piero Brunetta, Bruno Falcetto, Giuseppe Pinna Curator:| Enrica Viganò Editor:| Admira Edizioni / DelMonico Books•Prestel Year:| 2018 Number of pages:| 352 pages Numero di fotografie:| 218 photographs Languages:|English Cover:| Hardcover Size:| 24x29 cm Price:| € 60 ISBN: 9783791357690