La nuova immagine in Italia 1932-1960


This publication aims to provide an enlightened introduction to NeoRealistic photography on the basis of new in-depth studies into the origins and development of Italian photography between 1932 and 1960. It contains 218 black and white photographs by 75 Italian authors of that period together with the magazines and the reproductions of the film posters. The book also includes a large written section by Enrica Viganò, Giuseppe Pinna, Gian Piero Brunetta and Bruno Falcetto. The collection includes biographies of all the protagonists, not only of the photographers, but also of the editors, art directors, writers and critics, as well as files on magazines, agencies, and circles. The publication also includes a full bibliography on the subject and a comparative historical chronology.

Title:  NeoRealismo. La nuova immagine in Italia 1932-1960
Editor: Enrica Viganò
Number of pages: 352 pages
Number of photographs:  218 duotone photographs
Languages: available in Italian, Spanish, German and English edition
Cover: Hardcover
Size: 24x29 cm
Price: € 85
ISBN:  888916301-1