Tutti i confini ci attraversano


With Franco Pagetti, the I Quaderni CMC series declines the themeL’uomo e il confine. Pagetti is one of the most important Italian reporters, he has published his photographs on international newspapers and he is a member of the well-known photojournalistic agency VII. His photographs have told about conflicts and complex realities in every corner of the planet and help us to reflect on delicate and controversial issues, touched by the density of the present that is projected into the future. In fact, in the vast archive of Franco Pagetti there are many testimonies of true or alleged frontiers, of old and new walls, of natural and self-imposed limits.

Title: Tutti i confini ci attraversano
Author: Franco Pagetti
Curator: Enrica Viganò
Book series: QUADERNI CMC
Editor: Admira Edizioni
Year: 2017
Number of pages: 111 pages
Numer of photographs: 41 photographs (colour and doutone)
Languages: Italian
Cover: Flexible
Size: 19,5x22,5 cm
Price: € 20
ISBN: 9788889163160