L'uomo e la terra. L’homme et la terre


Since the beginning of his thirty-year career, the Canadian artist Edward Burtynsky has always been confronted with nature in transformation, and in particular with the effect of progress on the natural and human landscape. His photographs explore the complex link between industry and nature, transforming the raw elements of mines, quarries, industry, ships, oil extraction and recycling into eloquent and expressive visions, which find beauty and humanity in the most unlikely places. The images in this book are a metaphor for the eternal contradiction of man, which has always taken from nature what he needs to “improve” the quality of his life, but inevitably causes to the deterioration of natura. His work shows in a surprising and poetic way the relationship between man and earth, linked together by a double thread because neither would exist without the other.

Title: L’uomo e la terra. L’homme et la terre
Author: Edward Burtynsky
Curator: Enrica Viganò
Editor: Admira Edizioni
Year: 2017
Number of pages: 51 pages
Number of photographs: 30 photographs (colour)
Languages: Italian, French
Cover: hardcover
Size: 24,5x28,5 cm
Price: € 26
ISBN: 9788889163153