L'uomo e la terra. Luci e ombre


Forth volume of the book series I Quaderni CMC, published by Admira Edizioni, L’uomo e la terra. Luci e ombre comprises the photographs displayed in the exhibition by the same title, to offer an overview of Edward Burtynsky’s production. The images are divided into two sections “IN” and “OUT” that feature Burtynsky’s most significant series and put the reader in front of the main contradiction of the modern times: the scarcity of natural resources versus the constantly growing needs of mankind.

Title:   L’uomo e la terra. Luci e ombre
Author: Edward Burtynsky
Editor: Enrica Viganò
Book series: QUADERNI CMC
Publisher: Admira Edizioni
Year: 2011
Number of pages: 100 pages
Number of photographs: 40 color photographs
Languages: Italian
Cover: Hardcover
Size: 19,5x22,5 cm
Price: € 28
ISBN: 888916306-1