Eros Fiammetti


Biographical notes

Eros Fiammetti was born in 1932 in Brescia, where he lives and works. He has been photographing in black and white since the 1950s and he has always personally realized or supervised the prints in the dark room. His shots witness the choral experience of women and men dealing with everyday life, which he develops as a poem. With his neorealist approach, he talks about the truth, like a chronicle of humble humanity, expressing himself with an authentic, consistent, and sensitive visual language, always far from pietism. For Fiammetti, photography is storytelling, is sharpness of forms and ethics of seeing.

Over the years he participates to national and international competitions, receiving honors in Italy and abroad. In 1964 he is awarded with the AFIAP award (Artiste de la Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique); in 1985, on the occasion of the Italian Prize, the Accademia d’Italia awards him with the Targa d’Oro. Some of his works have been acquired by important private collections and public institutions and are part of the recent acquisition (2018) of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. He publishes in Fiaf yearbooks and in magazines such as Ferrania, Popular Photography and Grafo-AB. Other publications: Monumenti bresciani. I conventi (Editoriale Bortolotti, 1990); Giuseppe Palazzi. Immagini fra poesia e neorealismo (Grafo, 2002); Mezzo secolo in biancoenero. Fotografie di Eros Fiammetti (Il Bianconero, 2007). Eros Fiammetti exhibits in group and solo shows. In 2014 the Museo Nazionale della Fotografia of Brescia presents Il colore del bianco e nero; in 2018 the space of the Tourist Office of Montisola (BS) hosts the anthology Tra emozione e realismo. In the same year he exhibitsC’era una volta il ’900 (Recollection by Albrici, Florence) and Terza scelta (Gusmeri Fine Art, Brescia). In 2019 at the Macof, in Brescia, the artist exhibits Eros Fiammetti 1950-1970. Lo sguardo bresciano sull’Italia che cambia, he participates to the group show L’Arte x l’Arte (Fondazione l’Arsenale of Brescia) and he comes back to the Museo Nazionale della fotografia in Brescia with Sei fotografi in cerca di autore. He is president and co-founder of the photographic association Il Biancoenero of Brescia.

“To be a good photographer - writes Fiammetti - you don’t need expensive equipment and countless shots: a good quality camera is more than enough. Instead, ideas are needed. It is essential to get used to observing, memorizing and then making plans. So all of this is tantamount to thinking. In fact, the most complete and interesting works are done with the head, the camera comes later”.

All images © Eros Fiammetti