Capturing the Essence

W. Eugene Smith (Wichita, USA, 1918 - Tucson, USA, 1978) is a landmark in the history of photojournalism: in his images he translated “life pieces” into photography with the utmost honesty towards the portrayed subject and with the desire to excite the audience, to involve the spectators into the story, provoking reactions. The exhibition Capturing the Essence brings together a series of original prints created by Smith himself - many of them signed and combined with the original passepartout, with annotations and comments by the author - all coming from an extraordinary private collection. A wide range of his most famous photo-essays - many of them published on LIFE - from The Country Doctor, The Nurse Midwife, The Spanish Village, A Man of Mercy, to the work of Dr. Albert Schweitzer in French Equatorial Africa, up to the photographs taken in Minamata, in Japan, in the Seventies in which, for the first time in the history of photojournalism, an ecological disaster was documented. This exhibition is a selection of 60 precious vintage photographs from which emerges W. Eugene Smith’s constant research for the emblematic image.

All images ©The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith

number of works 60 black and white photographs
print sizes various sizes
frames various sizes, from 40x47 cm to 51x61 cm, black wood
catalogue [W. Eugene Smith. Usate la verità come pregiudizio] (MANCA LINK), Admira Edizioni, 2016, 116 pages
curator Enrica Viganò