This retrospective brings together for the first time two masters of photography and international cinematography, Ruth Orkin (Boston, 1921- New York, USA, 1985) and Morris Engel (New York, USA, 1918-2005), who were companions in both work and life. Ruth Orkin and Morris Engel, companions in life and in work. Ruth Orkin e Morris Engel met in New York in one of the most revolutionary photography associations of the time, the famous Photo League. During the 30 years they often worked together and they also produced their artistic projects independently of the other, but always connected by a common sensibility. It was in social documentary photography that they took their first steps, afterwards devoting themselves to other subjects: she mainly to portrayals of celebrity and photographs of the urban New York scenery, he was interested to the world of film. And it is in filmography that their names appear side-by-side once again: they wrote and directed together the multi award-winning film Little Fugitive (1953) and subsequently Lovers and Lollipops (1955), which are included in the exhibition.

For Ruth Orkin’s images © Ruth Orkin Photo Archive - For Morris Engel’s images © Morris Engel Archive

number of works 60 black and white and color photographs 
additional material DVD Lovers and Lollipops, 1955, 88’, by Morris Engel and Ruth Orkin, DVD Weddings and Babies, 1958, 90’, by Morris Engel, documentaries by Mary Engel (daughter of Ruth Orkin e Morris Engel)
print sizes various sizes, 30x40 cm and 40x50 cm
frames various sizes, black wood with plexi
curator Enrica Viganò
in collaboration with Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York