Unique Celebrity Pictures

The exhibition presents a selection of artworks from the Unique Celebrity Pictures collection, an exclusive iconographic project conceived by Milan based agency Photomovie. The shots has been taken using a Polaroid Giant Camera an exceptionally large size view camera. All over the world there are only a few example of this particular camera, that can produce unique images without the employment of a film. Thanks to Polaroid Giant Camera, Photomovie mirrored the main trends in the world cinema through the portrait of its protagonists and has been featured in numerous leading European cinema festivals. Throughout the course of fifteen years Photomovie was capable to create an extraordinary archive counting 1.800 50x60 cm portraits of international film stars, who autographed each shot in the very magical moment when the instantaneous development revealed their images.

number of works  70 color photographs
print sizes 50x60 cm
frames     70x100 cm, anthracite wood with plexi
activities Polaroid Giant Camera 50x60 can be hired to organize an ad hoc event during the opening
curator Enrica Viganò
in collaboration with Photomovie, Milano