Protagonists of Neorealism

Alongside the experimental work that brought him international fame, Nino Migliori (Bologna, Italy, 1926) produced an important Neo-realistic record of places and people of Post-War Italy. Starting in Southern Italy and later in the areas near his home, those around Emilia Romagna, Migliori did his research living in close contact with his subjects, and he passes on his experience to us with great vividness and a range of registers that are as intense as they are ethical and aesthetic. This exhibition brings together some of those images, a repertoire of faces, conditions and customs from a recent past that has already become history.

All images © Fondazione Nino Migliori

number of works 72 black and white photographs
print sizes 60 photographs 30x40 cm, 12 photographs 100x120 cm
frames 60 works 50x60 cm, wood with glass 12 works 100x120 cm, mounted on aluminium with no frame
activities the author is available for the opening, the press conference or for other events such as lectures or workshops
catalogue Nino Migliori Gente. Anni Cinquanta, L’Artiere Edizioni, 1999, Italian, 94 pages
curator Enrica Viganò