Never has it been so difficult as in the case of Miroslav Tichý (Kyjov, Czech Republic, 1926-2011), to define the man and the artist. A complex character, inaccessible for the most part, who reflects in his poetics the very complexity of his being. The work of Tichý is the result of an obsessive and mechanical ritual which he repeated on a daily basis: the artist wandered around the streets of Kyjov - his village of birth in Moravia, in Czech Republic - for the same period of time every day; he had no pre-ordained itinerary and allowed circumstance and chance to dictate his encounters. The absolute protagonists of Tichý scenes are women portrayed in their ordinary daily activities, or during their moments of leisure. He photographed his subjects in secret, taking the shots from his upper waist level and never looking in the viewfinder, as well as avoiding direct visual contact with the women, with cameras which he himself made using recycled materials. In his frames he reveals his deep interest in the aesthetics of everyday life and a ceaseless search for the female essence.

All images © Miroslav Tichý

number of works 139 black and white photographs
additional material Miroslav Tichý. Tarzan Retired, PAL, 32’ video-interview by Roman Buxbaum, 32’
print sizes various sizes, from 10x15 cm to 18x24 cm
frames various sizes, from 35x45 cm to 51x71 cm, light brown wood
catalogue uncountable international publications including Miroslav Tichý, ICP / STEIDL Editions, 2010; English, 328 pages
curator Enrica Viganò
in collaboration with Foundation Tichý Oceàn, Prague