Trains and Freedom

Mike Brodie was born in Arizona in 1985. He was seventeen when he decided to run away from his family and started to jump on trains to cross the States from south to north, west to east. He left behind a family of one kind to find a tribe of another. The tribe he found was particularly photogenic and he had a natural talent. From 2004 to 2006 he used a Polaroid and adopted the moniker “Polaroid Kidd”. When the company halted the production, he bought a Nikon F3. He travelled fifty thousand miles on trains and shot seven thousand photographs. Many of which he gave as gifts to the people portrayed in them, especially the instant shots, which he gave to his friends on the trains. Brodie’s images are perfect in tone, framing, colour, content, spirit and form. All bears the mark of maximum authenticity. Brodie allows us to understand how these outsiders live. We discover them through the lens that looks at them from within, with the complicity of an extreme sharing.

All images © Mike Brodie

number of works 36 color prints from the series A Period of Juvenile Prosperity
videoinstallation 48 color prints from the series Tones of Dirt and Bone
print sizes 7 prints 47,5x65 cm, 29 prints 40,5x56 cm
frames light brown wood, 7 frames 60x80 cm, 29 frames 50x60 cm
catalogue Tones of Dirt and Bone Twin Palms Publishers, 2015; English, 50 photographs, 88 pages, A Period of Juvenile Prosperity , Twin Palms Publishers, 2013; English, 60 photographs, 104 pages
curator Enrica Viganò