U.PHO.S. - Unidentified Photographic Subjects

Feeling the urgency of looking beyond everydays visual information and discover, through the use of photography, new realities, Mauro Fiorese has recorded places and situations on the edge between reality and imagination for over twenty years. His images deals, at the same time, with both presence and absence: the subject portrayed is real, but it’s always difficult and mysteriously hard to identify it. They are in fact objects far from our daily life or common objects that, once decontextualized, undergo a transfiguration suggesting us uneasy feelings. Fiorese in fact aspires to create the first official archive of Unidentified Photographed Subjects (U.Pho.S.). Parallel to his photographic work, the artist wanted to document this long-term project with a video-diary, edited in a unique, surreal mockumentary, where paradoxical situation are mixed with live breaking news and interviews.

All Images © Mauro Fiorese

number of works                60 photographs
additional material different items (a 12 min. video mockumentary, a sighting map 300x500 cm, investigation documents)
print sizes 50 photographs 60x50 cm, 10 photographs 110x90 cm
frames mounted on aluminium with no frame
crates 2 wooden crates 125x70x70 cm, 1 wooden crate 120x95x60 cm
activities the author is available for the opening, the press conference or for other events such as lectures or workshops
catalogue U.Pho.S. text by A. D. Coleman, 24x32 cm, Ed. TarSiz, 2013 English, 288 pages
curator Enrica Viganò