U.PHO.S. - Unidentified Photographic Subjects

For over twenty years Mauro Fiorese (Verona, Italy, 1970-2016) has documented places and situations on the edge between real and imaginary, driven by the need to go beyond the visual information we see every day to discover new realities through the photography. His shots speak of presence and absence simultaneously: the subject is real, anyway it remains always and mysteriously difficult to identify. Fiorese has photographed objects far from our everyday life, but also common objects that, however, are decontextualized, undergo a transfiguration, suggesting disturbing sensations. In fact the intent of the Veronese author was to produce the first official archive of unidentified Photographic Subjects (U.Pho.S.). Parallel to the photographic work, Mauro Fiorese wanted to document the project with a video diary mounted in a single and surreal fiction - or “mockumentary” - which deepens the news of the disappearance of the artist Mauro Fiorese: paradoxical situations recorded by the photographer during his travels in search of alien sightings are mixed with live news and interviews with people who comment on his mysterious absence.

All Images © Mauro Fiorese

number of works 60 photographs
additional material a 12’ video mockumentary, a sighting map 300x500 cm, investigation documents
print sizes 50 photographs 60x50 cm, 10 photographs 110x90 cm
frames mounted on aluminium with no frame
catalogue U.Pho.S., TarSiz Edition, 2013, English, text by A. D. Coleman, 288 pages, 24x32 cm
curator Enrica Viganò