My Free Song

Mario Giacomelli expected a lot from photography: he drove its expressive possibilities to make it converse with avant-garde art and poetry. Mario Giacomelli gave a lot to photography: the ability to communicate the participation, the empathy, the real love he felt for his subjects. Free to use all the technical possibilities of photography and to express his feelings without censure, Giacomelli leaves a lesson for photographers who confuse objectivity with indifference and to those who pursue innovation as a sterile formal act. He called himself “a week-end photographer” – he is considered the greatest Italian photographer.

All images © Eredi Giacomelli

number of works               69 black and white photographs
print sizes 30x40 cm
frames       black wood with plexi
crates                  2 wooden crates 110x65x80 cm and 130x87x80 cm
catalogue Mario Giacomelli. La collezione della Città di Lonato
curator Enrica Viganò