The Vanities. Hollywood Parties 2000-2009

Larry Fink (New York, USA, 1941), catches the moment, but his moments never represent the main scene, they rather represent the essence and atmosphere. The visual exploration is part of his background as a reporter, artist, social photographer - in its original meaning - and narrator. His photographic language became a trade-mark very well appreciated, so much that Vanity Fair chose him to photograph its famous Hollywood parties, melting pot of celebrities, and aspirants, on stage. Unlike other photographers working for these events, Larry Fink is not looking for the most famous and popular names of the jet-set and show business, he doesn’t even know them, he usually doesn’t identify his subjects, he captures the flow of movements, dialogues, glimpses, contacts. His photography is so physical that it gives us the impression of experiencing the smells, sounds and flavors as if we were there, in the middle of the most glamorous rabble of America.

All images © Larry Fink

number of works 71 black and white photographs
print sizes 43x56 cm approximately
catalogue Larry Fink The Vanities. Hollywood Parties 2000-2009 Schirmer/Mosel Editions, 2011, English/German, 92 photographs, 140 pages
curator Enrica Viganò