The Beats

In the late 50s Larry Fink (New York, USA, 1941), started living in New York City - the Beat mecca - together with a group of young ‘second generation Beats’ people and began an odyssey of hitchhiking through America with them. At the time he was only seventeen but was already aware of the extraordinary power that images could hold: “Through the Rolleiflex that my good daddy gave me, I could conquer or at least encapsulate the world”. So he conquered the most interesting faces that crowded the word around him, recording with astonishing harmony the poetic wandering of this underground generation. Larry Fink succeeded in capturing the very essence of The Beat suburban culture that his eye was able to access from such a privileged insider point of view. This particular perspective is one of the most distinguishing aspects of Fink’s debut and it soon developed into a constant feature of his visual style.

All images © Larry Fink

number of works 54 black and white photographs
print sizes 49 photographs 38x38 cm, 5 photographs 76x76 cm
catalogue Larry Fink. The Beats, PowerHouse Books, 2014, English, 57 photographs, 94 pages
curator Enrica Viganò