The Universe in One Room

Jan Saudek’s photography is a universe. Is a universe restrained in a room, in front of a wall, that is always the same (or rather that’s how Saudek wants us to believe). In front of that wall the humanity pass by, with all its nuances, desires, longings, contradictions. A humanity that often takes its dresses off, and it’s like it is taking off something more, showing a bare soul. It’s a theatre, with a static scene, the wall, and the actors that keep on switching. And in its play, the comedy keeps on merging with personal life’s facts, emotions, affections. A huge evolving universe because it’s since 1960 that Jan Saudek (Prague, Czech Republic, 1935) builds, represents, finalizes and hones his world.

All images © Jan Saudek

number of works 85 black and white works hand-colored
print sizes 18 photographs 24x30 cm, 48 photographs 30x40 cm, 5 photographs 50x60 cm, 1 diptych, 7 sequences, 3 small vintage
frames  various sizes, light brown wood with glass 
catalogue Jan Saudek, The Universe in One Room, Federico Motta Editore, 2008, Italian, 92 pages
curator Enrica Viganò
in collaboration with Ken Damy Museum, Brescia