The Universe in One Room

Jan Saudek’s photography is a universe. Is a universe restrained in a room, in front of a wall, that is always the same (or rather that’s how Saudek wants us to believe). In front of that wall the humanity pass by, with all its nuances, desires, longings, contradictions. A humanity that often takes its dresses off, and it’s like it is taking off something more, showing a bare soul. It’s a theatre, with a static scene, the wall, and the actors that keep on switching. And in its play, the comedy keeps on merging with personal life’s facts, emotions, affections. A huge evolving universe because it’s since 1960 that Saudek builds, represents, finalizes and hones his world.

All images © Jan Saudek

number of works 85 black and white works hand-colored
print sizes 18 photographs 24x30 cm, 48 photographs 30x40 cm, 5 photographs 50x60 cm, 1 diptych, 7 sequences, 3 small vintage
frames  various sizes, light brown wood with glass 
crates 4 wooden crates 90x50x98 cm, 2 wooden crates 143x39x110 cm, 1 wooden crate 90x68x98 cm
catalogue Jan Saudek, The Universe in One Room Federico Motta Editore, 2008 Italian, 92 pages
curator Enrica Viganò
in collaboration with Ken Damy Museum , Brescia