Suspended time

Elger Esser is part of the prestigious “Düsseldorf School of Photography”, founded and tutored by Bernd and Hilla Becher. By integrating Kunstakademie’s excellent teachings with its distinct sensibility, he embarked on an indipendent artistic journey. Landscapes and vedutas occupy a master position in Esser’s photographic work. Careful and accurate in his way of observing and representing the world around him, he creates images close to the pictorial language. Abandoned ruins, boundless landscapes surrounded by silence seem to be crystallized and out of time. The rarefaction of shapes and profiles, the use of evocative colors, the essential presence of diaphanous and uniform light recall the tradition of travel literature linked to Romanticism. The exhibition shows the most significant milestones of his career by offering a dreamlike and poetic experience in a unique space-time dimension.

All images © Elger Esser

number of works 31 color photographs
additional material 4 videos from the serie Ninfa
**print sizes ** various sizes, from 40x50 cm to 197x257 cm
frames various sizes, black wood and light brown
curator Enrica Viganò