Dr. Duanus’

An artist on the borders between photography, painting and poetry, Duane Michals is one of the most famous names of the American avant-garde, one of the very few artists whose work produced a turning point in the development of photographic language. His art is in antithesis to that of photographers who stopped at ““realism of the decisive moment””. What was important for Michals is the human condition, in continual transformation, with the disappointments, dreams, troubles, obsessions and fears of the mind and of life. With him photography takes on themes considered exclusively those of modern art, also by means of courageous, “heretic” solutions such as the use of photographic sequences or the combination of texts and images.

All images © Duane Michals

number of works 105 black and white and color works
print sizes various sizes, from 13x18 cm to 123x184 cm
frames      various sizes, black with glass
crates 9 wooden crates, 30x80x80 cm (2 crates), 66x90x66 cm, 46x80x76 cm, 56x54x77 cm, 51x52x76 cm, 144x107x35 cm, 205x144x35 cm, 58x51x70 cm
activities the author is available for the opening, the press conference or for lectures
catalogue Duane Michals “50”
curator Enrica Viganò