Absence of Subject

As an homage to the legendary German photographer August Sander’s (Herdorf, 1876 - Cologne, Germany, 1964), collective portrait People of the 20th Century, which gathers hundreds of common people, Michael Somoroff (New York, USA, 1957), has erased the subject of Sander’s photograph retaining only the background. The originality in this body of work is based on Somoroff’s keen sense of observation and interpretation: conceptually and humanistically oriented, each of Somoroff’s images demonstrates the persuasive power and aesthetic of Sander’s oeuvre even without the human subject.

For August Sander’s images © Die Photographische Sammlung/SK-Stiftung Kultur – August Sander Archiv, Koln – VG-Bild Kunst, Bonn, 2011 - For Michael Somoroff’s images © Michael Somoroff

number of works 40 August Sander’s photographs, 40 Michael Somoroff’s photographs, 1 Michael Somoroff’s platinum print
additional material 3 videos by Michael Somoroff
print sizes various sizes, from 13.2x21.2 cm to 72x99 cm
frames silver colored metal, 40 works 47,6x37,8 cm (Sander), 40 works 51,4x41,2 cm and 1 platinum print 99x72 cm (Somoroff)
activities Michael Somoroff and Julian Sander are available for the opening and for other events such as lectures or workshops
catalogue ABSENCE OF SUBJECT .The Images of Michael Somoroff and August Sander, Buchhandlung Walther König Edition, 2011. Texts by Anne Wilkes Tucker (introduction), Diana Edkins, Julian Sander and Michael Somoroff, English, 112 pages
curator Diana Edkins and Julian Sander
in collaboration with Galerie Julian Sander