About Us - Admira

© Danilo Borrelli

As symbolized in our logo, where the eye stands for Vision and the rays surrounding it Light, ADMIRA is a professional studio that deals with photography on a comprehensive horizontal level.

For over 15 years, we have been organizing and coordinating successful traveling exhibitions in leading public and private institutions, both in Italy and abroad. We follow our events all over the world and in every phase of their development: from design to curatorial aspects, from promotion to communication strategy, we take care of every detail in collaboration with our partners and the venues and institutions involved in each project.

We currently have over 20 exhibitions available for European and worldwide tours, for detailed information please click here.

Since 2003, thanks to the foundation of ADMIRA EDIZIONI, our publishing house specialized in the field of fineart photography, we follow our projects also on their publishing side.

The strength of ADMIRA is its capacity to highlight the photography culture, not only through the wonderful series of exhibitions presented each year, but also thanks to a range of advisory services, conferences, film screenings, congresses, portfolio reviews, round tables, competitions and events designed according to specific requests.

To find out where to visit our current and future exhibitions, or see the archive of our past events, have a look at our calendar.

ADMIRA is also very present in the fineart photography collections field, with the creation of events dedicated to the photography art market and a selection of vintage, modern and later prints by great Italian and international masters. The prints may be consulted at our office and are available for sale.

ADMIRA + is the latest addition in ADMIRA’s prismatic project: it is not only a non-profit organization, but also a surplus energy and the commitment to spreading the language of photography through events touching the multiple uses of this medium in the visual arts world.